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X550 Carpark Warehouse 15 litre Oxtek


X550 Carpark Warehouse™ is a proprietary silicate siliconate water-based formulation spray applied to new and existing concrete providing a hardened, abrasion resistant and dust-proof surface, stain resistant from oils and other contaminants, and compatible with line marking paints and acrylic or solvent based coating products. A breathable, low VOC treatment for concrete, X550 Carpark Warehouse™ penetrates and chemically bonds to the silica, providing enhanced water repellence, oil and stain resistance. Adopting the use of X550 Carpark Warehouse™ at time of the concrete pour as an effective curing regime, will significantly reduce the incidence of dry shrinkage cracking, and provide a hardened, denser and dust proof concrete.
• Cures, hardens densifies & seals concrete.
• Temporary hydrophobic beading effect.
• Invisible UV resistant finish that does not affect slip rating.
• Increased surface protection and stain resistance.
• Application at time of pour or to existing clean porous concrete.
• Reduces tyre noise, tyre marks & dust.
• Provides a hardened, abrasion resistant & dust-proof surface.
• Reduces incidence of efflorescence.
• Enhanced traction quality.
• Environmentally friendly & HACCP certified.
Typical applications: car parks, footpaths, warehouses, driveways, garages, transport depots and any
concrete elements.

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