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Nitofill PU150 20kg Fosroc


Nitofill PU150 is a multi-purpose hydrophilic polyurethane injection resin which reacts with available water to initiate expansion in the product to seal leaking cracks and joints in concrete and fill voids in generally inaccessible locations.
Typical Applications:
Sealing against leaking cracks and joints
Sealing against water in masonry and brickwork
Void filling
Back grouting
High tensile adhesion
Expands up to 25 times initial volume
Solvent free, environmentally safe
Excellent adhesion to most surfaces including concrete, brick and mortar
Resistant to most organic solvents, mild acids and alkalis
Rapidly forms a highly resilient flexible seal that allows
movement to the crack, fracture or joint
Reacts even with sea water or mineral water
Complies to AS/NZS 4020:2005

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