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Hydrotite CJ1020-2k ADH 10mm x 20mm x 10m Fosroc


Hydrotite is hydrophilic waterstop which expands in a controlled fashion in the presence of moisture to create a pressure seal within construction joints in concrete structures.


*Self-adhesive makes installation easier and reduces construction costs
*Co-extruded design means expansion is directed across the joint for maximum seal
*Delay coating to help prevent premature expansion
*Unaffected by repeated wet and dry cycles
*No site welding as is required for traditional PVC waterstops
*No need for special intersections, joining is by simple butt joins
*Can be applied to rough surfaces using Leakmaster gungrade waterstop
*Can be joined to traditional PVC waterstop
*No compaction or displacement problems
*Non toxic and non hazardous
*Complies to AS4020:2018

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