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Carbide Rebar Breaker SDS Plus 18mm x 300 Iccons


The Rebar Breaker SDS-plus has been specially developed for drilling in reinforcement. It is made of one piece of steel, which makes it particularly robust and provides optimum power transmission. The specially developed carbide ensures that the Rebar Breaker SDS-plus has an extremely long service life while at the same time it maintains a constantly high cutting speed. A further advantage of this drill bit is the drill head consisting of a robust carbide with 4-6 cutting edges depending on the diameter, which prevents the drill bit from getting stuck on reinforcement.
The Rebar Breaker SDS-plus is available in diameters 12-35 mm.
• Drill concrete with normal masonry drill bit until you encounter reinforcing steel.
• Use Rebar Breaker for cutting reinforcing steel ONLY. Hammer/Impact and rotary mode permitted.
• Remove/vacuum out any broken or chipped carbide pieces in the drilled hole before using the Rebar Breaker. When drilling and hitting reinforcing steel broken and chipped pieces of carbide from the normal masonry drill bit may be present in the drilled hole, these can damage the Rebar Breaker carbide tip if not removed. Once drilled hole is clean continuing with the Rebar Breaker.
• Once reinforcing steel has been drilled through, continue drilling with normal masonry drill bit to the specified depth.
• If installing an anchor ensure it fits through the reinforcing steel that has been cut without damage to the anchor. Follow anchor installation procedure

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