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Carbide Drill Bit SDS Plus 2 Cutter Dust Extract 8mm x 270


Enhanced dust-free drilling! The Heller Duster Expert extraction drill bit enables dust-free drilling while complying with the common, stricter standards for health protection (e.g. TRGS 900) when used with an M class vacuum 98% of the drill dust is immediately removed when produced at the tip of the drill. This means the Duster Expert is also perfect for use in indoor applications. Time savings and increased productivity are extra benefits when setting chemical anchors as there is no need to clean out the drill hole (up to 3 x faster hole preparation).


Diameter: 8mm
Working Length: 150mm
Overall Length: 270mm

For use with “M” Class vacuums
> 40lt/sec airflow
>200 mbar suction & max hose length 5M

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