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Pure Epoxy

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Placeholder C101J Chemical Injection C101J 750ml Ramset
BIS-PE585 GEN3 Chemical Injection Pure Epoxy G3 & 2 Nozzles 585ml

Introducing the latest BIS-PE GEN3 Pure Epoxy adhesive anchoring system. ICCONS BIS-PE GEN3 Pure Epoxy is ICCONS next generation pure epoxy that has been developed to provide ultimate performance. One of the only adhesive anchors with a TRUE 100-year design life approval. Designed for applications fixing threaded rod, rebar and internally threaded sockets into concrete. Ideal for major civil and infrastructure projects such as tunnels, road and rail construction where design requirements specify 100-year design life. For new structures BIS-PE GEN3 Pure Epoxy is the only choice. BIS-PE GEN3 Pure Epoxy is also designed for use in high rise commercial construction when fastening structural steel connections such as steel beams, columns, sound barriers, balustrades and facades to concrete. ICCONS BIS-PE GEN3 Pure Epoxy is the safest long-term solution. For seismic anchoring, retrofitting of structures to concrete or post-installed rebar requirements, ICCONS BIS-PE GEN3 Pure Epoxy is the perfect solution. Reduce install time! ... ICCONS BIS-PE GEN3 Pure Epoxy is equipped with a dustless drilling approval meaning you can eliminate the need to clean out holes after drilling with the use of Heller Dustless Drillbits. ICCONS BIS-PE GEN3 Pure Epoxy is the most comprehensive adhesive anchoring system on the market!
Placeholder C8-450 Epcon C8 Xtreme 450ml with 2 Nozzles
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