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Release Agents & Retarders

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FD777002-20L Form Release Agent 20 litre

Fosroc Form Release Agent is an economical, general purpose formwork and mould release agent used in pre-cast and in-situ concrete construction. Advantages: *Low cost and economical *Non staining *Minimises form stripping time *Maximises life of form work
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FD777025-20L Preco Bondbreaker 20 litre

Preco Bondbreaker is designed for use in prefabricated or tilt-up panel construction. It can significantly reduce surface defects including blowholes in concrete finish and ensures easy demoulding.
FD777035-20L Preco Form Creme 20 litre

Preco Form Creme is for use in application to steel hinges or vertical forms used for precast concrete where a non-drip and long lasting release agent is required. Advantages: *Prevents concrete penetration into steel hinges and rust staining *Prevents distortion *Resists transfer of splinters - forms into concrete *Resists exposure to weather conditions for several days prior to a concrete pour