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Civil Construction Sealants

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Placeholder FC020446-UNIT Expoband F1501 1mm x 150mm x 25m Roll

Expoband F is designed to be bonded over movement joints or cracks in a structure to prevent the ingress of water and chemicals. Expoband F Tape is bonded to the structure on both sides of the joint using Nitomortar AP a moisture tolerant, non sag, two part epoxy adhesive specifically formulated to give optimum adhesion to the Expoband F and construction materials. Expoband F Tape is available in 1mm and 2mm thicknesses and widths including 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 300mm. Special widths up to 500mm can be manufactured to order (please contact us for further information if this is of interest). Expoband F Tape is supplied in rolls 20m in length.
OUT OF STOCK 3to 5 Days
FC920100-600ML Nitoseal SC600 Concrete Grey 600ml

Nitoseal SC600 is a one part, gun applied joint sealant designed for sealing joints exposed to aggressive chemical environments. Nitoseal SC600 is resistant to attack from most of the aggressive chemicals used in the food, mining and chemical processing industries. Complies to AS4020:2018 Advantages: *One component sealant - ready to use *Fast rate of cure - reduced back to service times *UV resistant - long life weathering resistance *Highly resistant to biological attack such as sewers *Highly resistant to a wide range of chemicals including strong acids and alkalis *Highly resistant to pool chlorine, salt water chlorination and ozone treatment *Complies to AS/NZS 4020:2018 Products in Contact with Potable Water
Placeholder FC920101-600ML Nitoseal SC600 Pool Blue 600ml
Placeholder FC920102-600ML Nitoseal SC600 White 600ml
FC920130-600ML Nitoseal SC800 Concrete Grey 600ml

Nitoseal SC800 is a low modulus, high joint movement accommodation, one component silicone rubber joint sealant. Advantages: *Ready to use *Easy contractor application *No mixing required *Fast rate of cure *Excellent adhesion to clean dry concrete *Excellent weathering - UV and ozone resistant *Dispensed from a bulk container by hand or air powered pump *Large joint movement accommodation
Placeholder FC920140-600ML Nitoseal SC820 Charcoal Grey 600ml
OUT OF STOCK 3to 5 Days
Placeholder FC920422-5.5L Thioflex 600 Gun Grade Base 5.5 litre
OUT OF STOCK 3to 5 Days
Placeholder FC920416-14.8L Thioflex 600 Pouring Grade Base 14.8 litre
OUT OF STOCK 3to 5 Days
Placeholder FC920418-1.2L Thioflex 600 Pouring Grade Curing Agent Component 1.2 litre
OUT OF STOCK 3to 5 Days