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In the realm of construction and renovation, the importance of having the right tools cannot be overstated. Among the most essential tools for contractors and DIY enthusiasts alike are masonry drill bits and chisels. These robust and reliable tools are designed to tackle challenging materials such as concrete, brick, and stone with precision and durability.

In this post, we’ll explore a wide-ranging selection of masonry drill bits and chisels from the Statewide Trade Supplies and Fasteners site, each tailored to cater to diverse needs and applications.

Carbide Bits SDS Max Y Cutter 

Masonry Drill Bit - Carbide Bits SDS Max Y Cutter 

This series offers cutting-edge drill bits with enhanced durability and efficiency. The Y cutter design allows for smooth drilling and efficient material removal, making it perfect for heavy-duty applications in concrete and masonry. View the Carbide Bits SDS Max Y Cutter range here

Carbide Bits SDS Plus 

Masonry Drill Bit - Carbide Bits SDS Plus 

These bits are designed for hammer drills and are perfect for drilling into concrete, brick, and stone. The SDS Plus connection ensures a secure fit and efficient power transmission during drilling. View the Carbide Bits SDS Plus range here

Four Cutter 

Carbide Bits SDS Plus Four Cutter

The Four Cutter masonry drill bits excel in precision drilling, providing clean and accurate holes in tough materials. These bits are suitable for both professional construction work and DIY projects. View the Four Cutter range here

Y Cutter 

Carbide Bits SDS Plus Y Cutter

This range offers ten specialized drill bits designed for enhanced performance in concrete and masonry. The unique Y cutter design reduces friction and heat buildup during drilling, prolonging the life of the drill bit and ensuring optimal results. View the Y Cutter range here

Chisels SDS Max

Masonry Chisels Chisels SDS Max

For chiseling tasks that require maximum power and efficiency, the Chisels SDS Max collection is the go-to choice. With ten different chisel options available, these tools make light work of concrete demolition and surface preparation. View the Chisels SDS Max range here

Flat Chisels

Chisels SDS Max Flat

Ideal for general-purpose chiseling tasks, flat chisels are essential tools in any mason’s toolkit. View the Flat Chisel range here

Mortar Rake Chisel

Chisels SDS Max Mortar Rake

Specifically designed for removing mortar between bricks and stones, mortar rake chisels are indispensable for renovation work. View the Mortar Rake Chisel range here

Point Chisels

Chisels SDS Max Point

Perfect for precise carving and chiseling tasks, point chisels provide excellent control and versatility. View the Point Chisel range here

Spade Chisels

Chisels SDS Max Spade

Spade chisels are great for tasks that require wider cutting edges, such as breaking through concrete and masonry. View the Spade Chisel range here

Chisels SDS Plus

Masonry Chisels - Chisels SDS Plus

This range provides eleven highly durable and efficient chisels for use with hammer drills. They are excellent for light demolition work, chipping, and breaking concrete and masonry materials. View the Chisels SDS Plus range here

Five Kant Point Chisels

Chisels SDS Plus - 5 kant point

Designed for intricate carving work, the five kant point chisels offer precision and control. View the Five Kant Point Chisel range here

Gouge Chisel

Gouge Chisel - SDS Plus

Gouge chisels are perfect for creating curved or concave shapes in materials like wood and stone. View the Gouge Chisel range here

Mortar Chisel

Mortar Chisel SDS Plus

Mortar chisels are specialized tools for removing old mortar or shaping new mortar joints. View the Mortar Chisel Range Here

Round Point Chisel

Round Point Chisel - SDS Plus

Ideal for shaping and carving tasks, round point chisels provide a rounded cutting edge. View the Round Point Chisel range here

Tile Chisel

Tile Chisel - SDS Plus

Designed for removing tiles without damaging the surrounding material, tile chisels are invaluable in renovation projects. View the Tile Chisel range here

Wide Spade Chisel

Wide Spade Chisel - SDS Plus

The wide spade chisel is excellent for tasks that require a broader cutting edge and higher impact force. View the Wide Spade Chisel range here

Winged Chisel

WInged Chisel - SDS Plus

Winged chisels feature extended side blades for enhanced efficiency in various chiseling applications. View the Winged Chisel range here

Dust Extraction Drill Bits

Dust Extraction Drill Bit Masonry

Keeping the workspace clean and reducing health hazards is vital in masonry work. The dust extraction drill bits in this range ensure efficient dust removal during drilling. View our Dust Extraction Drill Bit range here

Carbide Bits SDS Max Two Cutter

Carbide Bits SDS Max Two Cutter - Dust Extraction

These drill bits are specifically designed to handle demanding drilling tasks, offering excellent performance and longevity. View the Carbide Bits SDS Max Two Cutter range here

Carbide Bits SDS Plus Two Cutter 

Carbide Bits SDS Plus Two Cutter  - Dust Extraction Masonry

Similar to the SDS Max Two Cutter series, these drill bits are engineered for efficiency and durability, making them ideal for heavy-duty applications. View the Carbide Bits SDS Plus Two Cutter range here 

Having access to a comprehensive product range of masonry drill bits and chisels is crucial for anyone involved in construction or renovation work. With various designs and specialized tools available, drilling into tough materials like concrete, brick, and stone becomes a seamless process. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast, investing in high-quality masonry drill bits and chisels will undoubtedly elevate the success of your projects to new heights. View the range online or contact the team at Statewide Trade Supplies and Fasteners today on 07 3262 1744